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Meet the team


Sass Jahani
Founder and Managing Director

Sass turned his passion and hobby of electronics into a career and a successful business. With a degree in Electronics Engineering and an MBA from Imperial College London, his professional training started as a graduate broadcast engineer with the BBC. He left in pursuit of a long-held ambition to run his own business. Soon after setting up Advanced Satellite International (Adsat Intl) in the early 1990s, the UK entered its deepest recession to date. Navigating this so early in his career taught him the true art of entrepreneurship. It also shaped his core values: integrity, relationships and the importance of recruiting smart people. Approaching the Millennium, at the beginning of the digital television revolution, he evolved the business into a service provider in the broadcast space. Ever since, he has reinvented the business every few years, staying at the forefront of technology.

Sass takes great pleasure in mentoring and giving the next generation the opportunity to work, learn and grow in this entertaining and exciting industry. He remains a thought leader in the technology of broadcast and television with the biggest compliment of all – seeing competition constantly looking to emulate what he has achieved. During his spare time, Sass spends time with his family, helps at his local youth charity and enjoys a game of golf with friends.

Tugay Djelaleddin
Director of Finance

With decades of experience and a veteran in the world of finance, Tugay’s enormous appetite for numbers ensures ABS continues to have a solid financial base.

Tugay has been advising at board level for more than 30 years. His particular understanding from working closely with entrepreneurial businesses is unique. This insight has given a hugely positive contribution to how ABS is run financially. It has also allowed the business to continue to invest hugely on capital expenditures, and it remains one of few profitable service providers in the industry.

Bilal Memon
Head of Broadcast Operations

Operations – where technology and people come together. As head of the department, Bilal has the all-important task of ensuring the right people are available for the right jobs and the correct processes are in place for delivering the services we are entrusted with. From transmission routines to master control demands, scheduling challenges to effective project delivery, there is never a dull moment in Operations, which is precisely the fuel that drives him.

Outside of work, Bilal is a dedicated family man and a true petrolhead. In his spare time, you will either find him behind the wheel or on his couch watching repeats of his favourite car shows.

Mukund Patel
Head of Technology

Mukund leads our specialist team of broadcast engineers, IT & network consultants and systems integrators, as well as other specialist contractors, ensuring that ABS remains at the cutting edge of technology in the broadcast business.  Under Mukund’s leadership, the team evaluates and implements new systems so that ABS’s operations run efficiently, securely and profitably.
With a solid background in the broadcast industry and a huge passion for technology, he has played a key role in developing our strategy for deploying key technologies – this has led to the design and build of ABS’s mission-critical MCR, Datacentre and Studios.

In his spare time, Mukund enjoys playing music and producing multitrack recordings in the comfort of his custom-designed home studio. He also has a keen interest in reading about other technological advancements that improve people’s lives.

Sarah Mercan
Head of Finance & Administration

With her ACMA and CGMA certifications, and 25 years’ experience in accountancy and personnel (including two decades in television), Sarah heads up the company’s Finance and HR departments. She is also responsible for Facilities and Administration where she uses her exceptional talent for organisation and process.

In her spare time, Sarah is a Scout leader and a self-confessed ‘taxi service/walking wallet’ for her three children!

Ahmad Jamil
Broadcast Operations Manager

Ahmad is in charge of all technical and broadcast systems in ABS. He also works with a broad range of relevant internal and external contacts to ensure that our day-to-day operational needs are met for successful transmission, scheduling and broadcast of high-profile live and recorded events. 

Being surrounded by screens all the time, Ahmad is a big movie buff! As much as he enjoys watching movies when he’s free, he also tries to incorporate sports and reading into his daily routine.

Vikie Bennion
Head of Product Management

Since graduating from the University of Lincoln with a degree in Media Production, Vikie has worked across VOD Media Coordination, Subtitle Asset Generation, Live Subtitling and Project Management before settling into Product Management at ABS. Taking charge of the ABSolute Product Suite, Vikie is responsible for curating the vision for the future of the software. You will usually find her with her head buried in road maps, test plans, spreadsheets, timelines and development systems. She is always on the lookout for innovative systems to integrate with, helping represent the company at industry trade shows.

When she gets a moment away from the hectic world of product management, Vikie enjoys reading, cooking and indulging in a glass (or two!) of wine.

Shaun Parrott
Account Manager

Shaun, our South-African-born Account Manager, has held a wide range of roles and responsibilities in his career in the broadcasting, television and film industry. These include live broadcast gallery operations, directing, engineering, post-production and systems engineering. Having worked both in service provision and for broadcasters, Shaun has a great understanding of what our clients want and how ABS can deliver it.

During his downtime, Shaun enjoys spending time outdoors cycling, having a barbecue and playing the guitar.

Parimal Vekaria
IT Broadcast Engineer

Parimal takes charge of several aspects of the technical operations in the company, including system administration, maintenance and upgrade of broadcast equipment, automation workflow building, channel configuration and troubleshooting. He is also responsible for mentoring and supervising other engineers in the team as well as liaising with third parties on behalf of ABS.

He likes to go on road trips capturing the best sunrises and sunsets, and finding the best spots for stargazing!

Allison Campbell
Scheduling Manager

With many years of experience in all areas of television scheduling, presentation, planning, and audience research, Allison leads the scheduling team. She ensures we successfully deliver well-planned schedules that contribute to the community and economy of our channels.

Outside the office, she immerses herself in sports – both spectating and taking part, especially football. She has also recently completed a football agent management qualification. Allison also enjoys a good pub quiz, and as long as she is part of any team, it’s a sure win!

Ula Czarnota
Project Manager

Ula is responsible for the overall management of projects as well as onboarding of new channels at ABS. With four years’ experience in technical, client coordination and an Agile Project Management certification, she ensures communication is consistent and that everyone involved has all the information and materials they need to keep projects running smoothly.

In her free time, Ula likes to slow the tempo down. You’ll often find her either playing guitar with friends or enjoying the sunshine – if there is any in London!

Alex Oliver
Project Coordinator

As Project Coordinator, Alex assists our Project Manager with all internal and external tasks. She works across a variety of activities, from channel launches to other key client projects such as graphic bugs. She also coordinates with all departments to ensure that all aspects are delivered, documented, and fulfil our customers’ requirements.

In her spare time, Alex likes to read – something that comes in handy when London transport doesn’t play ball!