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You may have great content, but without great distribution, it won’t get the audience it deserves. We get your channel on the right platform, in front of the right audience.

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Satellite broadcast is by far the most effective way to reach your target audience. However, knowing the right satellite for your territory and audience is key to distributing your content effectively.

We distribute numerous channels across a variety of satellites throughout the world. With extensive knowledge, fantastic network and access to this unique method of audience reach, we are your perfect partner in unlocking this treasure trove of television distribution.


  • Access to more than 50 satellites globally
  • The most popular frequencies on the most popular satellites
  • Helping you reach your audience wherever they are
  • Eutelsat, SES, Yahsat, Arabsat, Galaxy, Intelsat, Express and many more

VOD Asset Delivery

Non-linear consumption of television content has now become the norm. However, the delivery of content to VOD platforms has become extremely cumbersome for television channels, especially if the delivery is to multiple destinations.

Through our own software suite, we have developed ABSolute VOD to help television channels deliver their content efficiently to VOD platforms. ABSolute VOD connects the television channel to VOD platforms through scalable, fully supported workflow. It controls a host of processing engines at the back end to enable the manipulation and repurposing of assets into supported formats by the platforms.


  • Automated workflow processes
  • Large throughput in content processing
  • Extensive list of supported VOD platforms
  • ABSolute VOD Asset Delivery software for all your delivery needs

OTT, IPTV, Streaming and CDN

As television viewership moves online, we are at the cutting edge of helping our customers adjust to this change in audience trend.

Distributing your channel online may sound simple, but it gets complicated quickly. It may be easy to make your service available online, but how will the viewer find you among thousands of channels? We facilitate the distribution of your channel to known IPTV platforms globally, and help with many of the challenges you will face with online distribution.


  • OTT
  • IPTV
  • Streaming
  • CDN

Social Media

Television consumption through social media platforms will become one of the dominant methods of consuming content for certain audience sub-groups.

Video on social media is old news, but the popularity of video on social media has predominantly been about user-generated content. High-value, long-form television content has presented platforms and broadcasters with difficult challenges on rights, piracy, content checks and active management. Even if you own your rights, having to navigate the difficulties of making your content available on a platform is extremely challenging.

We know and work with the most popular social media platforms. We understand their algorithms and we spend enormous amounts on R&D time to figure out how best to use these platforms as enablers of the next generation of television distribution.


  • Expertise, experience and advice
  • Already working with all popular social media platforms
  • Insight into the algorithms, user policies and content checks
  • Active management service

Mobile and Smart TV Apps

Television distribution is fragmenting, and different segments of the audience want to view content differently. Television channels need to make their content available on the viewer’s platform of choice.

It is now expected for a broadcaster or television channel to have their content available on their own app as well as the most popular smart television apps.

We design, build and manage these apps on behalf of television channels and broadcasters. We actively manage and curate the content across these apps for optimum results.


  • All popular mobile apps
  • All popular smart TV apps
  • We design, operate and manage the service
  • Curation and active management of apps