Your Total Delivery Platform

ABSolute Delivery Platform provides an end-to-end service allowing you to broadcast from any location to any territory.

In the modern TV market, channels need more than the regular BMS or Playout functionality. ABSolute Delivery platform enhances the services to allow further flexibility and versatile opportunities to get your channel on air.

There is an initiative in the broadcasting industry to standardise IP delivery, file formats, loudness etc. in order to maintain and regulate a standard of quality. However, the complexities and challenges of a fast-paced channel management have proven this almost impossible. The delivery platform has a plethora of tools to manage these challenges and ensure content is suitable for broadcast, reducing the risks of running a television channel.

Live programming offers channels a chance to produce their own content and build their brand through a cost-competitive production strategy. ABSolute delivery platform allows you to connect any production studio across directly into your channel’s playout.  Managed studio services are available as part of our platform with various locations around London.
The ABSolute Delivery Platform™ truly combines and integrates every aspect of TV transmission technology to provide an end-to-end service to get you ready for broadcast.  There is no limit to the scale or complexity of facilities we can offer.

Our dedicated and passionate team go above and beyond to manage the transmission and technical requirements of many major global TV channels.
Sass Jahani, Chief Executive

Our Services


Global Reach

Diverse distribution is now a key part of the playout service as global markets have matured.  The survival of any channel is dependent on delivering their programming in a variety of formats to multiple platforms and devices via multiple cable headend and satellite platforms.
ABS Broadcast boasts a hard won reputation for global distribution achieved with minimal lead time to facilitate our channels’’ flexibility and versatility.


  • BT Global Media Network
  • Argiva
  • Globecast
  • Level 3
  • Tata
  • Exponential-E
  • Telehouse N, E, W
  • Eutelsat
  • Luxlink
  • WRN
  • STN
  • RETN
  • Naukanet
  • Lebara
  • Yupp TV
  • Theme
  • RR Media
  • Lyca Media
  • Sky, UK
  • Echostar
  • Multichoice
  • Star Times
  • Anthenna Hungaria
  • NTV Plus (Russia)
  • Yahlive
  • Montage Cable Network
  • Zuku
  • ATN
  • Jadoo TV
  • Lebara Play


One to many, to anywhere

Traditionally, many channels began with a single TV feed delivered to a single destination. However in today’s saturated market, channel owners find that they need to deliver the same feed to multiple destinations, with different stream properties to maximise revenue. These destinations can be cable headends or satellite uplinking sites. ABS Broadcast tackles these challenges and provides a range of codecs, bit rates and stream protection to suit the respective destination.


Managed Studio Services

ABS Broadcast is connected to its studios across multiple sites in London. Our channels have the option to create content which can go live or record it to be played out at a later date. The studios are fully managed by ABS allowing the clients to simply walk in and go to air!


Edit Suite

ABS Broadcast has several edit suites networked together to allow channels to edit their content and have it delivered to the platform with minimal daley. The Edit Suites use Final Cut Pro/X and Adobe CC. Clients have found them to be invaluable for eyeball QC and commercial tags, next cards, slates and stings.



Monetising assets is key to each channel’s success. ABSolute allows this to be achieved by repurposing the client’s content  to make it available to any device either as a live stream or VOD. This is fully automated and therefore drives down the cost of management to ensure maximum profitability.

Manipulate & Repurpose

Channel Turnaround

Today we broadcast to almost any platform or teleport in the world. Our London location, and huge connectivity capabilities, means our multinational clients can retransmit a single feed to dozens of different international territories in the Americas, Asia or Africa, with local commercials and promos.


Presentation & Production Suite

ABS has a Production Suite connected to ABSolute Cloud Playout affording channels the ability to handle live events coming in from other territories in the world, re-brand and add localised commercials and deliver elsewhere. This facet of the platform has also allowed channels to re-broadcast and gain commercial revenue. We’ve helped our channels capitalise on content from live football events in brazil, cricket events in India to music award shows in Africa.


Launching New TV Channels

Our extensive experience launching new TV channels in valuable marketplaces illustrates how we understand the technical and commercial dynamics of TV channel management.

We can project manage your channel launch from start to end, providing great support and assistance throughout. No matter how simple or extravagant your idea may be, we can develop, execute and grow it to fruition.

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