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Login to ABSolute Cloud Access™ for our bespoke Broadcast Management Software – simple to use, versatile and highly intelligent.

Our ABSolute Channel Management software is a fully integrated, dynamic system used by scheduling managers and channel owners worldwide. The secure web-based system accessible, via ABSolute Cloud Access™ login and operational from anywhere in the world allows you to control your EPGs, schedules, programme plans and playlists and to manage your channel from anywhere on any device. Our seamless, single dash-board, real-time link between channels’ playlist compilation, media planning and scheduling management makes this the most user-friendly system available in the marketplace.

ABSolute Channel Management Service Options

Self Managed
Secure online access to a user-friendly portal allows you to remotely manage every aspect of your broadcast management giving you complete control.

ABS Bureau Service
ABS offers a fully managed package from our offices in London, equipped to run every aspect of a channel’s broadcast management.

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Key Features


Series Linking

ABSolute uses unique automation software to create series links. It can automatically assign links for episodes of the same series or related programmes with different titles linked as you choose – want to link Doctor Who to Torchwood without messing up your titles? ABSolute can do it for you.


BARB Integration

Our software is fully BARB integrated. If you’re thinking about going BARB, our scheduling team will ensure your transition is as smooth as possible. With helpful BARB/OFCOM guidelines and alerts, you will be able to easily stay on track of your breaks and commercial minutage.


Time Change

ABSolute makes Winter/Summer time changes easy, with clear onscreen indications for where the hour needs to be added or removed. No new software is needed, ABSolute knows exactly when the time change is due and helps you through your schedule whilst keeping you in local time.


EPG Management

We offer EPG services to channels from every continent in the world, allowing them to upload onto whichever delivery platforms they plan to broadcast. You can either use ABSolute to create and export your EPGs, or we can manage the process for you.


Sales Booking System

We have developed our own sales booking system within ABSolute, which allows you to plan and automate commercials into your playlist. Once you’ve booked your ads, simply input the corresponding data into our software, run your playlist and check your spots report.


Development & Support

The ABSolute software is constantly evolving to accommodate new channel requirements and challenges. We take all your needs on board with our extensive experience building third party interfaces and provide expert technical support. We promise a direct response within 24 hours, or sooner in the case of an emergency.


Automated Playlist Building

ABSolute is unique in that it fully automates your playlists, allowing you to focus more of your time on planning. Our intelligent software can automate all events in a schedule, based on your own set of rules, at the click of a button. This insures your playlists are perfectly designed to maximise impact and reduce time and money spent on scheduling.


FPC Building

You can scrap planning your schedules on an Excel or Word document, our FPC module lets you create schedules by simply dragging and dropping programmes straight from your ABSolute library. We can even automate one day or seven days’ worth of schedules for you at the click of a button, all based on your channel’s FPC forecast.


“I have really benefitted from using the ABSolute system for the past two years. There are always useful system updates, constant training and support from the helpful staff at ABS. I am also able to get out of office hours help from the support team.”

Kwame Appiah KubiEPG Manager

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“The staff at ABS, from the front line to the Managing Director are very involved and hands on. They have made the myriad tasks of launch and integration run smoothly and are very organised; plus they are a pleasure to work with.”

Kim HurwitzChief Content Officer

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