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December, 2013

Hear what Sass Jahani has to say about HD Playout technology.

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abs awardsThe ABS Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Gerry Zierler at AVTA last Saturday. The prestigious award was presented by Sass Jahani, MD of ABS accompanied by The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP and Karishma Jc. Gerry, the Chief Exec of Zierler Media and ZMTV has spent a lifetime in the Media and Broadcast industry having started as a DJ on Pirate Radio and eventually sitting on the Broadcasting Authorities’ Committees controlling ad content and standards.


Broadcast Management SystemABSolute Broadcast Management System’s unique automation software can create whatever series links you need without you having to worry.

While ABSolute BMS can automatically assign links, you can still edit them manually. You keep final control of what is linked to what. Find out more.


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Meet the team

Mukund-Meet-the-TeamOur in-house ABS Academy operates an initiative widely recognised in the industry as a market leader in respect of staff training.

ABS’s policy of recruiting graduate level (or equivalent) staff on an Equal Opportunities basis, has ensured that we have one of the most diverse and highly qualified team of Technicians and Supervisors in the broadcast industry.

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The ABSolute
Delivery Platform
gives content owners and their clients complete control.

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ABS Global Coverage

ABS has a large BT delivered MPLS network, as well as connectivity to other major fibre providers, giving us super-fast connections to uplinkers for the satellite transmission coverage illustrated. Connectivity is currently available at ABS to BT Tower, Arqiva Newman Street, Arqiva Chalfont Grove, Globecast and Genesis. Material can also be transcoded via carbon coder and sent on the broadband network via Exponential-e which has Connectivity to all major data centres around the world.

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ABS Global Coverage Map